Price Check??


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Just wondering how much you would BUY or SELL this Plate Coral for?
Sorry for the crappy pic, was taken with my cell phone. It is Purple with Green tentacles, and is about 4"

Thanks all


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hmm looks nice and healthy and I like the corals of it a lot.
I paid 59.99 for my Green Fungia Plate and Id pay a good 75 bucks for it. cuz i like it!
Is that urs or are you gonna buy it?


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I am looking to buy it..
if the people still have it.
- you really think 75 is a good price for that?


I say 45-50. I would def. not pay 75 for it, but i am also not a big fan of these coral, i probably wouldnt even pay 20$ for it.....