Problem with my eel (please read)


I noticed my eel violently regurgitate last night a few times in a row. Today he hasn't eaten and is acting funny. What can I do?
I have been feeding my eel frozen krill and clams. Besides that he has probably eaten some snail, blue leg hermits and scarlet hermits in the past weeks.


sorry to hear that about your eel. What kind of eel do you have? My suggestion would be to watch him for the next day or so. DO NOT FEED AGAIN TODAY! Eels can go for days without eating, so just watch him for awhile. Let me know what happens.

cactus jack

btw, what exactly is acting funny? is he telling jokes or just dancing around in circles?
on a serious note, are you sure he is really sick?


Damn Jack -
You were right on. He was just f'ing with me. The eel is alive and dandy but did have a hard night last night. It was his 21st.
He's doing much better now :)


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Funny thing about your post. Today for the first time I have seen it my baby snowflake ate a large piece of Krill and shortly after he threw it up. He seems fine I think he just took a piece a little bigger then I should have given him.


My eel did that once too and it freaked me out. It looked as though it was a bunch of sand that he blew out of his mouth, I never found the source of the incident,though. I never noticed him doing it again.


I think it's personally from him "eating tons everyday" as you said. Some will feed them daily and that is fine if you don't over do it. I personally go by book recommendations and feed only a couple times a week until he appears to be full. But many feed daily, just be sure it's not alot or it will cause the vomiting your not looking for. Lots of beginners (not stereotyping you, I don't know your experience) will think "If I feed him a lot then he's gonna get huge fast." Which some fish can keep up with, but over feeding any fish is a bad idea. HTH and good luck.
P.S. If a snowflake decides not to eat for a week or two on you then that is fine and very normal. Many of them go through times in there life where they just don't eat for awhile. Don't try to force food when this happens and just continue feeding attempts as you've always done and it will eventually come around when it is ready to eat again.


yeah the vomiting is normal i noticed that when i fed my snowflake too much over a period of time he would puke his brains out! but he would be fine a day or 2 later jsut like a hangover :D