Product Review: Hagen AquaClear Powerfilters


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Review Name: gmann1139 (Greg)
Date Reviewed: 2/7/09
Product Name: Hagen AquaClear Powerfilters
Date Purchased: 2/2008
Approximate Cost: $25 - $50
Features: Modular design, multiple sizes
Benefits: Physical Filters, while not the important part of the tank they once were, are still a necessary component of the aquarium filtration system. Hagen filters are a commonly available, easily configured filter that while not as tough as a canister or wet-dry, still gets the job done.
They come with filter foam, carbon, and ceramic rings designed to act as a biological filtrant. They also are able to prime themselves, so that if the power goes out, they will restart without manual intervention.
Pros: Can be configured for a plethora of filtration needs, easily available
Cons: Their weakness is that the intake tends to clog fairly easily.
Tips and Tricks: Get one twice the size of your tank. The cost increase isn’t too much, and it allows you to increase the types of filtration you can do.
Mods: Can be configured with most types of filter media, such as phosphate removers, carbon, or LR rubble.
Variations: Hagen filters come in a variety of sizes, designed to handle any tank under 100 gallons.
Personal Opinion: I personally use Hagen filters on my 30 gallon Display Tank (AquaClear 50) , as well as my 10 gallon Quarantine tank (AquaClear 20). I’ve taken the ceramic rings out of each, and use a third-party brand of carbon, but I’ve found the filters to do the job adequately for the tank size. I purposely bought filters rated for twice the size of the tank, to make sure I was seeing adequate filtration. I change the sponge religiously every four weeks, and have found that is consistenly has gone from off-white to a nice shade of brown in that time, and tripled in weight.
Recommend this product? Yes
Product Rating: 6
SWF carries: No