Product Review: JBJ Nanocube 12 gallon DX


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Reviewer Name: gmann1139 (Greg)
Date Reviewed: 2/7/09
Product Name: JBJ Nanocube 12 gallon DX
Date Purchased: 11/2007
Approximate Cost: $200
Features: One of the “Big Three” of Nano tanks, with the BioCube and AquaPod, the Nanocube DX is JBJ’s second generation nano, which has increased lighting versus the first gen.
The tank is fairly cubed shaped, with a bowfront and full hood. It has three chambers in the back, and a PowerHead that churns approximately 100 gallons per hour. The stock filtration is three filter sponges, carbon, and ceramic rings.
The tank is lit by two 24 watt 50/50 compact fluorescent bulbs.
Benefits: Increased lighting versus most stock nanos.
Pros: Lighting.
Cons: 2 gallons smaller than Biocube 14g. Only has three chambers in back. Lighting not adequate for everything.
Tips and Tricks: Replace stock pump with 200 gph pump
Mods: We have entire forums on mods for nano tanks. The lighting, filtration, flow, and hood can all be changed.
Variations: JBJ makes a 6 gallon, 12 gallon, and 24 gallon, and the last two have DX versions.
Personal opinion: I have personally had my 12DX for over a year. Like most nano tanks, I’ve performed several modifications to it. I replaced the stock pump, which was nearly dying after six months, with a MaxiJet 600. At the same time, I bought additional tubing, and split the return into two, with one return at the top of the tank in the original configuration, and the second run down and across the back, to provide flow in the opposite direction.
I have also replaced the stock filtration, keeping only one sponge, and the carbon, albeit a third-party brand.
I have also removed the vinyl over the second back chamber, and placed chaetomorpha macroalgae in it.
I like my NanoCube. I was limited on space and weight because the tank sits on my desk, so I couldn’t go with a 24 or 29 gallon nano. I’ve found the tank is a nice, stable platform, and since its only a FOWLR, have taken one bulb out, to conserve energy.
Recommend this product: Yes
Product Rating: 7
SWF carries? No