Product Review: Maxi-Jet Powerheads


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Reviewer name: gmann1139 (Greg)
Date Reviewed: 2/7/09
Product Name: Maxi-Jet Powerheads by Aquarium Systems
Date Purchased: 8/2007
Approximate Cost: Don’t pay more than $20
Features: compact design, demure color
Benefits: Hard-working, commonly available
Pros: Maxi-Jet Powerheads are commonly available powerheads that while cheap in price, get the job done with a minimum of maintenance. Available in a multitude of sizes, they are perfect to add to your tank to increase flow, without having to worry about price.
Cons: The negatives about them are that they don’t come with a foam prefilter, and can tend to clog, and that the flow coming out of them is fairly linear, even with the nozzle attachment. In addition, the suction cups that come with them tend to get a film on them which makes their suction suspect.
Tips and Tricks: Don’t use the cups. Just set them on the surface of the sand. Set them so that the intake is up in the air, and they’ll collect let stuff.
Mods: Several available to increase flow, such as ECO Mod and Sure Flow.
Variations: Come in sizes from 100 gph (400) up to 300 gph (1200).
Personal opinion: I use them in both of my Display Tanks. I replaced the stock powerhead in my 12 gallon Nanocube DX, which was nearly rusted to the point it didn’t spin, with a Maxijet 600, and have noticed much better flow in the tank now. I also have three MJ 400’s in my 30g, which have provided a nice mix of flow throughout the tank. All 4 are a year old now, and spin just like the day I bought them.
Recommend this product: Yes
Product Rating: 9
SWF carries: Yup