Protein Skimmer and Powerhead Problems!

I have an Aqua Clear protein skimmer that I just started a couple of days ago. For some reason, the water level will not reach the minimum water level of the skimmer. I see lots of foam and even trashy stuff in it at the surface. However, the trash is not reaching the collection cup.
I've tried adding more water to my sump but water level in the sump and the skimmer remain the same. HELP! How do I get this skimmer to work properly! :confused:
Also, I have a powerhead with a venturi line that use to spray air bubbles in the tank. When I unplugged it a few days ago to install the skimmer, the air bubbles stopped but the powerhead is still working. I'm concerned about not supplying enought oxygen to my tank since I have a glass top. HELP!

richard rendos

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Air bubbles do not oxygenate water. Breaking surface tension accomplishes this. Air bubbles are only going to cause problems down the road. They will cause excessive salt creep, and cause harm corals and other inverts. You are better off not running the air.
As for your skimmer, I am not familiar with that brand, but it sounds like the pump is not strong enough for the skimmer.
What type of pump could I use? Currently, I using the pump that came with the skimmer. I have an extra Maxi Jet 900 powerhead. Could I use this?


you can add som plumbing to the uotput of the skimmer to adjust water level. just dont glue it so you can adjust it. I done this with my DIY skimmer and it worked great to adjust water level. just go up to make water go up and down to make water go down.