protein skimmer on start up


should you run the protein skimmer on start up.

i am running the skimmer at this point and it is pulling alot of stuff off

just would like to know if ya'll run the skimmer on start up


When I started my tank it came with a skmmer and the instructions said not to run it until the tank had cycled.


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To me, it doesn't matter. Skimming out the sludge will decrease the time it takes for a tank to cycle and decrease the amount of ammonia in the tank - effectively saving the lives of countless microfauna. :D


I started running my skimmer right away. It took about a week for it to stabilize (it was foaming like crazy and overflowing, I just let it overflow back into the sump), granted it wasn't actually "doing anything" for the tank, but it helped break the skimmer in. I would recommend from my recent setup experience to run it and let it drain back into the sump, then it won't mess with the cycle and will be ready to go when you want it to start pulling stuff out.