Protein Skimmer or not?


Beginning to assemble the accoutrements for a 40 gal and I can’t comprehend if having a protein skimmer is a necessary option. I’ve been reading a lot and I understand the intent of a PS, but can’t determine if the limited space in my filtration area is best used for skimming or some other filtration option. My goal is to have a few small fish and possibly some small corals, so does having corals mean a PS is highly recommended?

What this is coming down to is that I’d prefer to have a reef tanks and my wife and children are more interested in fish. My proposed solution is to have both corals and fish, but I can’t really understand what hardware is optimal for having both reef and fish. I also have lighting questions, but I’ll save that for another post.

Any insights are appreciated. The tank I’m considering is a 40 Recife.


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A skimmer is definitely very helpful. Especially with wanting corals. For a reef tank is probably 2nd only to lighting. Fowlr tanks a skimmer is not needed.