Puffer may be sick?


New Member
I bought a dog face puffer yesterday also bought 20 gallons of water right from the same tank hes been in at the store so I wouldn't have to take a chance messing up the water mixture. I put him in the new tank last night he was very active but this morning he's is just laying at the bottom of the tank with his tail curled up ... I put some krill in there he ate some of it and left the rest i tried to post a picture the website says the file is to big but does anyone know if this is normal could he just be getting used to the new tank ?


Staff member
I would recomend an aquarium of at least 150 gallons for a dogface. Even if he pulls through, the amount of meaty foods he will be eating will foul your aquarium very quickly. You would need to do daily water changes to keep us, and then the fish would outgrow the tank super fast. May want to see about returning and trading him for something better suited for your aquarium.