Purple or Yellow Tang in a 50-54gal?


uh No. they really need a larger tank. my feeling is tang should not be housed long term in anything smaller then a 75 gal tank. but if you are planing an upgrade and can find a small one, go for it.



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... but if you are planing an upgrade

Then wait until then to get a tang. :)


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Don't do it Dude...
Not only is it uncomfortable for the fish, but the TANG POLICE will make your life a living hell...


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Definately NO.
Besides, mentioning such a thing here could get you linched.


i keep a yellow in a 55......it is small and doing really good..if i think it is getting uncomfortable...i will sell it or something...but i would say go ahead


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Originally posted by reefer44
i think it is getting uncomfortable...i will sell it or something

Maybe the fish will leave you a post it note when it wants a bigger tank :D :rolleyes:
I don't see a real difference between a 55 and a 90 gallon if both tanks are 4 feet long. I think that lenth is more important than actual gallons. The Tangs just move around more, but at a more fluid pace in a 6ft tank vice a 4 ft tank. If you ever see tangs in a 6ft tank you will understand.


yea i see what your saying...but also i have scaped my live rock so that the fish has more swiming room then in most other tanks....its seems very comfotable and happy...one day when i get a camera you will see what i mean


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I think that fish are better off with more swimming room than more rock. I don't think that it really takes alot of rock to perform adequate biological filtration and it gives the fish more room to move around. The whole 1-2 lbs per gallon is alot like the whole watts per gallon thing ( blanket statements that mean really nothing because every system is different )


I have a sailfin and a yellow in my 75...After two weeks, they seem pretty happy but they are shy and hide in the rocks when anyone is around...
Just my 2 cents
These are my specs:
75 Gallon
RIO 2500
Protein Skimmer
Filters= floss /Sponge/ bio balls (about 15)
Completely Cycled on 4/29/04
125 lbs. live haiti rock
30 turbo snails (give or take)
20 hermits(give or take)
3 peppermint shrimp
1 banded coral shrimp
1 red sea sailfin tang
1 yellow tang
1 royal gramma
2 banded coral shrimp (yellow mated pair)
Ammonia 0
PH 8.4
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 40
Salinity 1.022


I agree with JLem on the space for swimming - for the tangs we are discussing. Gobies and blennies on the other hand, need lots of rock work to hide and feel comfortable. So, it truly depends upon the type of fish.