purple tang eating finger leather!

HELP! I paid $100 for a green finger leather and now my darn purple tang is eating at it's stalk! there are chunks missing already! I moved the coral but he is still eating it. He gets fed plenty I think... any ideas?


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What sre you feeding the tang?If your not using a varied diet I would start.My'n eat sushinori,flakes,romain lettuce and some brine shrimp.He may not be getting everything he needs and thats why he's picking at your leather.Hope that helps.

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Wow.....first I've heard about a tang munching corals...bummer...my yellow likes seaweed selects/flakes/mysis/brine.....heck most anything offered....sorry to hear that yours went psyco and attacks leathers.... :eek:


LionFish says.........
Although this is not a common happening, it occasionally occurs with Yellows, Purples, and even Hippos. But like I said very few do it. Your first choice is to give it a varied diet. If you don't feed it a lot of greens (algea, lettuce, seaweed selects, etc.) you should start immediatly. The first way a fish shows it's natural hunger is by eating something that might compensate for it. Your coral has some nutritional value to the tang so it will therefore feed on it until you give it a full and proper diet. Now, if you already do give it a varied diet the only other thing is to get rid of the coral or the tang. Unfortunately it has to come down to that. But either way the tang will eventually destroy it. It depends on which one you like more. I would recommend trading in the tang you have now for a different one. It will save you time and money. Hope this helps a bit.


I feed all my tanks twice a day with varied frozen and flake foods. When I go to a store that carries live brine shrimp I feed and extra time with just the shrimp. IMHO your fish is starving for sure, that is why it is eating the coral.