Question 210 Starphire Ohio


I'm wanting to sell my 210g Starphire RR tank. But I can't find anything to compare in price.
The package would be 3 x 250 watt MH. 2 x 140 watt VHO's. All built into the canopy w/ fans. 54 gallon sump & return pumps. Stand & canopy of course.
Then everything else I would peice out. Tunze's x3 multi controller,G4 skimmer. Kalk reactor,Cal reactor 600 pounds live rock some with coral. Lot's of tangs ect. Lot's more... Because I'm not thinking I would get as much.
Thanks to anyone who can offer me some help.


It's the name of glass the tank is made of. Very clear low lead. The fish would be pick up only.


Thanks ? I just needed some advice.....I keep getting mean people(Pms') or not much help. I didn't think I would find that here. On my husbands site yea but here no....I'll just list everything else where....Thought someone might get a deal. So much for helping a fellow reefer out.......My daughter & I can live in my car no problem.................


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as far as pricing it out a full list of what you have might be able to help you out a little more. Your alwyas going to get low ball offers no matter where your trying to sell. Just part of the game of get as much as possible as cheap as possible * Sad but true* When selling a tank you more than likely wont get anything near what you paid for it though. On top of that times are tuff for everyone so take that into account.
Please place a full list of what you have and someone can give you more input on some sort of pricing that you could expect to get.


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Feel your pain Cyberbug......Was the tank used and for how long was the tank used? Usually standard used tank fetch between $2-3 per gallon, but being that it's starphire I'd say $5-6 per gallon......As far as the Tunzes......depending on the age of them and condition, they usually don't go dirt cheap, so I'd probably knock alittle off due to age, but be firm on the price on those.....As far as lighting depending again on the age and manufacturer don"t hold much value