Question about Corals


I've got two recent aquisitions and I don't think I understand them....
The first is a Green Tree Leather. It seems to just "deflate" in the middle of the day and flop over...then I come back a few hours later and it's fine.
The other a pulsing Xenia. THe one with the little fans on the end that open and close.... I have two large polyps of it...each with lots of little feathery things on the end. The seem to beat and beat on a pretty regular basis, and then all the sudden they stop, and shrivel up completely.... When that happens to one branch of them...the other may or may not follow. They may be dormant for a few hours...then all the sudden they're back. Is this normal behaviour for corals?
What am I really dealing with. Emotional issues? Water?
All the water tests are fine....plenty of light perched high in the tank right underneath my 4 PC bulbs.
It could be that that's just what these things do.... which would be fine. I just wanted to understand them better.

bang guy

Hi Steve,
You're dealing with an emotional issue... yours :D
Just relax and enjoy your new corals, they're doing fine.