question about lights i bought from ----

A few months ago i purchased off (of the most popular auction and bidding site which I guess I can not mention starting with "E" ending in "Y") a new reef lighting setup. it was Eeeeeebaaaayyy user HOMBBY and the deal was 375 dollars for 48" 2x 250 watt HQI, 4 X65 watt actinic, 6x moonlight.
It's been working great up until three days ago when one of the halides failed to turn on. I tried switching the ballasts around and what not. I believe that one of the ballasts has stopped working. Has anyone else had problems with these units? What did you do to resolve the issue?
If so, do you know how to contact the seller, i believe that there was a warrantee on parts, but my EEEEE/bbbbb/aaaa/yyy account got suspended for some stupid stuff and now i can't get a hold of him.
Are there replacement ballasts i can buy that will be suitable for this setup? i might just do that. but i'm not sure maybe i can get this guy to replace the broken one. I am pretty sure i'm still within the warrantee. i've only had the thing like 2 months, everything else works really well, it doesn't get too hot and it's nice a quite.
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Sometimes the grass isnt greener on the other side....Sadly enough you get what you pay for with Odysea..I know alot of ppl that love them but even more that hate them...I have about $200 in 2x250 Reef Optics setup..throwing 300par at the sandbed


i have a 250 mh from odysea and sometimes it takes a long time for the light to start. how long did u give it a chance to start? i have thought mine was broke before then after leaving it alone a bit it starts.
Yeah, i also have noticed that about this unit, but i've been giving it plenty of time. have you ever had any problems with the ballasts?


ICE CAP makes a ballast that plugs right in just make sure to get the right length chord.
buy both. youwont believe the differance
the old one only puts out like 175 watts
I have 2 of these fixtures running icecap ballasts for a couple years now
Should i buy a dual ballast? i see one on marine/DeP0t for $215 it's the PFO 250 pulse start dual ballast.
I figure this way i can just be reasured.
I might buy new bulbs too, because now that i think about it they're not as blue as my old 20.000k.
thanks for you input.