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Beth i started hypo on my tank about two weeks ago and am using a refractometer to measure salinity... Salinity is at 1.009 and i noticed a few spots that appeared on my fish today... These appear to be new parasites so is it possible that its just a few that were left over of just not killed yet??


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It's not uncommon to see the emergence of spots even after hyposalinity has been started. Be sure to maintain the salinity level (14 ppt), and keep it there for at least three weeks after you don't see any more spots. Don't rush the process or be impatient. Also be aware that some strains of ich can be resistant to hyposalinity. If you continue to see spots, you may need to try copper treatment but hyposalinity is normally effective.


the spots were all gone on all of the fish but i figured a few might show back up or reappear while the ich is cycling out... On another note i dont really wanna treat my fish with copper because 3 of my fish are tangs and copper has been known to hurt them... thanks though... anyone else who may have opinions or suggestions just post lol.. thanks


I have an issue with Ick and I have been treating with Seachem Cupramine. I have been using for 8+/- days and my yellow is doing fine. Cupramine is much more civil and forgiving that Coppersafe


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turbopgt, can you describe the spots, or post a picture?
, big mistake putting copper in your 750, and is there live rock in there?? The dead bugs you are seeing are the micro-inverts dying off, not ich. I sent you a pm.


There are probrably about 4 to 5 spots that look just like the ick parasite on my regal tangs mouth.. When the ick outbreak happened the regal tang was covered in about 100+ spots on her body... Luckily she is a big fish (9 inches) and was still eating and recovered well.. After hypo was started the parasites were disappearing more and more by the day.. These 4 or 5 spots have to be the ick parasite because they are getting bigger.. However, no more spots are appearing on any of my other fish including the powder blue tang i have... So is it a good possibility that these parasites were just attached to the fish and a lot smaller before and just need to mature and fall off before they can be eliminated???