Rancho Relaxo Tank


I was just curious what special steps hobbyists take to make their tank low stress. I've had a 130 gallon reef since 2004. Although I don't consider myself an expert, I work this board and read it frequently. Stress, seems to be the common denomonator when it comes to keeping a disease free tank.
Some people say that ich is in every system, not trying to start this arguement. If you subscribe to that theory, stress reduction would seem to be the absolute most important aspect.
Obviously, water quality, consistancy are important. But, I do 30 gallon water change every week.
Does that increase stress?
I like my tank to be clean. So, when I water change, I spend 15 minutes with a syphon trying to find any hair.
How does that affect stress?
I have: yellow tang, coral beauty, bicolor blenny, true perc clown, royal gramma and a pajama.
Everyone seems to get along. But, am I wrong about compatability?
How does: dogs barking, vaccuuming, kids yelling and screaming affect stress?
Any stress relieving chems? Can't light up underwater.
Better types of food for stress?
Sorry about the long post. Just asking.