Random questions...


Ok, there are a couple things I've been hearing and just want clarification on...

1. A scoop of LS from another established tank (including LFS) is good to add to your tank because it adds bio-diversity.
2. When buying new fish/invert/coral, never add the water that they came in into your tank beause you run the risk of adding unwanted stuff like parasites.
I understand the reasons for both, but I would it would seem to me that a scoop of LS would contain even more risk than adding water.

A LFS once told me that its ok to feed fish different things that are a part of their diet but they said never to mix foods in one feeding session. So, for example, my Firefish I have brine shrimp and Formula1. Alternating foods each day is ok, mixing brine and F1 in one feeding session is not (despite the fact that F1 contains brine shrimp). What is the reason for this?
I dont think theres any good reason why not to mix foods especially when people make their own food "mix". Heck, I do it for my Sun Coral.

I guess I couldve posted 2 threads about this, huh?


No, LS from other tanks introduce BIOdiversity to your tank, meaning itll have extra life in it, whichll then spread throughout your tank.
Parasites dont stick to nonliving things(only ich when its going through its growth stages).
So the water from the lfs's tank shouldnt be dumped in because 1, it prolly has parasites or bacteria, and 2, ammonia(from the fishes piss) or doodoo probably contaminated the water anyway.
And I dont see anything wrong with mixing foods, I always mix phytoplankton and vitamins with my frozen foods I feed.