Really Curious,i Find It....weird! does'nt want hobbiest trading frags with each other.The reason is some reefers have complained to because they feel they got ripped off and it was faults.
How in the world would any of you consider a private trade between 2 reefers,'s fault if you felt you got ripped off??
I mean I am at a total lost of trying to figure this out,but maybe I am just the dummy:eek: Why would you complain to them?What did they have to do with it? The trade was btween you another a reefer in private,how in the world could you ever think it was's fault? I got ripped off on a lighting trade should I blame HECK NO.........they did'nt have anything to do with it,so why would I complain? Same with trading frags.I feel the trading if frags is good for this hobby and a few of you have ruined it for the rest of us,and I honestly don't get it!!!
Ofcourse this will get deleted but I hope a few of you that complained will get to read this!!!

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is that why? i figured it was maybe taking away from their sales or something. wow that is crazy



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Where did you get that explaination, dave?
Frankly, I didn't get any direct, inside info about why it was stopped, but to me it was pretty obvious. Many were selling frags covertly. is not worried about competition over frag swapping. The livelihood of the store does not depend on a few hobbyists exchanging frags. However, the store is not really interested in being a medium for home business upstarts who use this site to get started with their basement frag selling businesses.
Hoppyists who want to trade frags, or even sell frags are hardly deprived by not being able to do it here.....the internet is wide open for such transactions with interested parties.
If complaints were a factor, however,and it were me and I was constantly getting complaints about frag selling or frag swapping, I'd probably turn it off too. Afterall, I need to spend my time earning a living not dealing with complaints about something that doesn't earn me one penny. :D