Reasonable Ideal Reef Tank Size?


I have seen and heard many different size tanks from 48 oz to the mr4000. But in your guys opinion what reasonalbe size is ideal? IMO a 65 is good nice width and height but not huge. That is going to be my next tank.


I think there are so many of us that would have define reasonable as the largest size that our spouse would let us have.
So far it's a 90 gal for me.

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i wish i would have got at least a 75 now. I think thats a good reef to start with. Im just going to wait till i graduate then get a 150+.:D
ok I have a 150 and I wish that it was deeper so what ever size you get make sure is is deep like a 120 or 180 or you will upgrade later but make sure that it has over flows bulit in it is worth it in the long run I wish I did


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75 or 90, I will probably never upgrade, thats why I went bigger, although a 500+ would be nice, but the electric bill:rolleyes:

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I like the foot print of my 55...but when I upgrade I'll likely go with the 48"x24"x30" 150. I want the same length & height but more width.:cool:


Hi All, I really like my 75 not too big or small. Anything bigger and i would be overwhelmed. But bigger is always better :D


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I like my 90. Gives me plenty of room to so stuff. Although my new 240 will probally steal my heart.


My job requires us to move often, usually aevery 12-18 months. I big tank is to much to move that often. What I have done is gone with multiple smaller tanks that are easier to move myself.
(2) 37 gal
10 gal
6 gal
10 gal hospital


IMO one that you have time for and can easily afford= foods,light bulbs, salts misc equipment and monthly electric bill. If you buy a tank to big can afford it or have enough time for it you will lo'se intrest and quit. I have a low maintace automated 120g. 4'x2x2' I would like a 60"x36"w x 24 tall someday. But if I were a buzy person who moved alot a 50g would be nice IMO something wider than tall that doesn't take up to much room. Just depends on your lifestyle and wallet. But the best tank is one that doesn't hog all your time and$$

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Seeing how I'm still in junior high and dont really have a job that counts it limits my budget to a 37 Gallon high. I like it because it fits in my rrom nicely nnot too big and not too small. Although... I think if I ould go back on it I would have saved all o my money and just bought like a 55-75 gallon and had my dad build stand and canopy!


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I am really happy with my 120. Its only 48 inches long but its 24 inches from front to back which makes it really easy to aquacape.


I have a 55 but the next time that I update, I will be going straight for the 75, more space from front to back, I think it is the best size, just perfect :)


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started with a 75 tall...which sucked cause the width was horrible....moved up to a 135...spectacular, great reef tank, wish it was a 180 though.....went to college......starrted a 7 gallon nano...tooo a 20high that has been up for a year and kicks job at lfs......bought 65 aga....ideal beginning salt tank cause of size....not set up cause im in college, girlfriend threatens me, no money....lights should be here tomorrow!:D ;) ;) :D
eventually though...i paln on having an indoor swimming pool that is converted into a giant inland reef that i will be able to scuba/snorkel in.....
ahhh dreams
good luck