Reception Dance Songs?


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Oh... If you have any in-laws you aren't fond of you can always have "He's a Mean one.. Mr. Grinch" on standby for when they take the dance floor.


I didn't do a father daughter dance at my wedding 2 years ago. I was married before and already had children so what I did instead was do a dance with each of my 3 children and for my daughter we danced to...In my daughters eyes by martin mcbride its a very sweet song...My 17 year old son walked me down the isle to another one bites the dust lol...everyone was rolling. We did everything out of the ordinary for our wedding and everyone said they loved it..


Father-Daughter dance
...not sure how big you are on country but there's a LOT of good country songs out there for this!! Tim McGraw "My Little Girl" is a good one or Chuck Wicks "Stealing Cinderella" and I intend on using Heartland's "I Loved Her First" - it always brings a tear to my eye!!! so super amazing!!!


right after our father/daughter, mother/groom, etc dance our dj played "we are family" (I got all my sisters and me) It was fun.
Electric slide, although I can't do it, is a fav by most, along with that YMCA.
And when all the old folks left the dj played "Who let the dogs out!" I love that song now, lol...
Our actual bride groom song was (If you don't have one yet) was "The music of my heart"


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How about some Meatloaf... 2 out of 3 ain't bad (or whatever it is called) and I would do anything for love (but I won't do that).


I loved her first is a great father/daughter song. I plan to use it on my wedding day.

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Ummm...not really sure about this one if you're implying the song by soulja boy. there's a very nasty and dirty meaning behind that song...
cha cha slide is a fun one for people my age (25ish). it's our version of the electric slide :)
AHAHAH! My mom dosent know what it means and she thinks the song is "funny" and likes it LMAO
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