Red algae problem in refugium


I have had this problem a hwile but just decided to post it now because I don't know how to get rid of it. It is in my fuge and only grows on my plants. Now it is a lot thicker and an eye sore. Anyone know how to get rid of this?


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I have used cheiclean and it worked for a while but for the 4 years I have head the tank I have the same crap.... I am convinced that it is my vho's getting off spectrum since i never change them. from my experiance you can use the chemical but it will come back with out getting to the root.


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That is not red slime...cyanobacteria.
It is an algae referred to as cotton candy algae ~Asparagopsis.
It is very tough to get rid of...
I have the same stuff in my refugium.I am working on outcompeting it with chaetomorpha.I have been reading about people who have used a bunch of mexican turbos to eat it,and supposedly margarita snails will,but the latter will not live long in our tanks.Keep water quality high with water changes.It is growing from high nutrients.


Maybe I'll remove the turbo that is in my fuge now and replace him with a mexican turbo. With or without the asparagopsis the mexican will survive on the other various thing in my fuge. It is either the mexican turbo or just ripping out my caulerpa and replace it later, because that is the only place that stuff grows. Thanks.