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I just bought a sea star and added it to the tank. When i first added it his legs were sticking up a little and now that are flat on the sand. For the past 45 minutes, that is the only movement i have seen out him. He hasnt moved at all. Is he dead? In shock? Resting?


Well if you did the drip process for about two hours, he should be fine. I just got a choc. starfish (2 of them today). They are in the process of drip right now, but they are climbing up the bucket! I'm sure yours is fine. Make sure your lights are out for about two hours.


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Depending on the type of star, it may have needed to be acclimated for much longer than 2 hours.
I think it is pretty common for stars to stay in one place for awhile when first introduced to a tank.
How long did you acclimate it? What is you SG?


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I agree that for many seastars 2 hours is not long enough, depending on the tank age and water parameters. It is imperative to know your specific gravity and other parameters. What is "fine" for fish only systems is often fatal to seastars.
Note that it can take a month for them to die of acclimation shock.
It would also definitely help to figure out what kind of star this is. :notsure: Certain one's are "relatively" more hardy than others. Chocolate chip stars are much "hardier" than any Linckia or Fromia star.
In addition, not all seastars can be spot fed and will die in tanks without sufficient live rock in 6 months to a year.

salty tank

Well there may be the problem
..........i got my starfish and acclimated it for about 20 minutes. I should have asked you guys this before i bought him! I never read that you had to do that with a starfish! He has moved like 4 inches since i put him in there yesturday. He came out of a 90 gal reef tank at my LFS and he looks very healthy.