Red Sea Xenia help....


I bought a red sea xenia yesterday. It seems to all be bent downward.... does it mean its dying?
Im not sure if I acclimated it long enough. I did it for 15mins....
I thought they are fairly hardy...
they havent opened since I got it and this morning I saw it all bent down.. the lights are off though.. is it a sleep mode???
I have other Xenias which are perfectly fine for past 5 months...
This is my first Red Sea Xenia.. are they the same as the others?
Salinity- 1.025
PH- 8.2
Nitrite- 0
Ammonia - 0
Nitrate- 5


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as long as it isnt a mush right now it probaly isnt dead. i would have acclimated it longer IMO. give it another week to see how it xenia wasnt fully "up to xenia status" for a month or 2 afetr adding it in
be patient