Red Slime!!!!


I can't get rid of this stuff!!!
I got a turkey baster and sukced it all out, and waited a day, then sucked out some more. It has been about 4 days now, and I have a ton of it again!!!
How do I get rid of it? I don't want to dose with copper, but I KNOW this kills it! Copper will kill anything living off my live rock won't it? I don't really have anything growing on it anyway! What about hermets? Will copper hurt them?


I had success with Kent Poly Ox, although I hear there is a Red Slime Remover that works well. The biggest difference, however, was made by decreasing the amount of time the lights were on.
Good luck!


Chemi is the best red slime remover known to's a powder...treat your tank, be sure to turn off your skimmer and put in an air depletes alot of the oxygen in the water so your fish will need the extra air.....but it works wonderfully and is completely reef safe......most of your reputable fish suppliers will have it. I know I have bought it from Pet Solutions and That Fish Place! may have it, I don't know.....I just know it works....I battled it for months until I used this stuff....and it starts to work slowly but after about a week, it's gone!!!


I bought something called red slime remover and would not advise anyone to buy it because what you get after using the product is green hair algae. The red slime remover did remove the red slime, but within days I got this horrible outbreak of green hair algae instead. This same thing happened to another person on these boards. I wonder if the use of a poly filter pad would help you. After I clean out my algae infested tank I plan on putting one of these in my filter.


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I have never used the mentioned products but I do swear by the use of E.M Tablets they are Erythromycin 200mg tabs. Both times in my setups I had this horrible stuff and both times I used this stuff very "carefully". This can harm your good bacteria you have growing in your tank but what I did was in my 25 gal I put in ONE whole tab, removed the carbon and let the filters carry on working. The next day it was all gone, but I did not do any water changes for 3 days. I then did a water change, put in the carbon and it never came back. This was done in two different tanks and both times it never came back. You can watch the red slime actually curl up as the pellet is dissolving. It does not hurt the corals, live rock nor fish. It is something I would not do on a regualr basis as like I said it can affect the good bacteria growing in the tank.
There are two things I am 99.9% sure that encourage this horrible stuff to grow and that is, using tap water and using regular lights that are more in the warm tones. Both times this has happened to me I was using these types of lights plus topped up with tap water when I got lazy. A lesson well learned.
Good Luck to you...... :happyfish :happyfish


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If you have red slime you have a problem with your system, Removing the slime with a turkey baster or adding some snake oil will not solve the problem. The following conditions contribute to a cyano/red slime out break:
Old lighting
Poor water movement
High nutrients
Examine your system for any of these conditions. Improve/remove and the red slime will go away.
Red slime is a symptom that something needs to be fixed. Adding some snake oil is not going to fix the problem if the conditions remain that led to the problem.
You should never add cooper or the other products suggested to the display. ALso, if you add the chemicals and you have a massive die-ff of cyano it can foul your watrer and kill your fish/corals.
If you add snake oils and voodoo mixtures to your system you could cause significant harm.


kill your lights and don't feed the tank for about two week and it should clear up if you have to feed your tank only do it about every third day and very little just enough for the fish about 5 to 8 flakes per fish and it should clear up dont ever add anything like that to your tank and get some plants in your tank as they are filter the water as well and keep your nirates down which also help your tank and it better food for your fish and if you get enough growing you wont have to feed your tank for fish and some corals good luck :happyfish