Reef safe epoxy recommendations?


I am working on a drop-in upflow algae scrubber for my 28G nano cube. I will need to seal some parts for submersion (magnets and possibly an LED) and have been ending up with a mixed bag of answers about what brand epoxy is reef safe. I would need it to be liquid at the time of application (no putty) so I can coat the items and also clear. Bonding strength is not an issue for me as none of these items are load bearing, they really just need to be sealed.

I was initially under the impression that after the curing reaction takes place any plastic epoxy should be OK. I am second guessing that because I apparently made that up in my head with no supporting research.

Is there any consensus on any clear 2-part epoxies being reef safe after sufficient curing time?
Any recommendations on brands?
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bang guy

Scotchkote is reef safe after it cures. I don't know about any other liquid epoxies. Maybe use a two-part to seal it then coat it with scotchkote??

I've usually used the putty.
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