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I currently have a 75 gal display w/ a 20 gal sump(filter bag, skimmer) the only size of refug that I think will fit under my tank is 10-15 - is it worth the time and money for a 10-15 gal refug?


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I have a 15h fuge for my 90g and it keeps my NO3 and PO4 undetectable. Use very little sand, and I think you'll be fine. It will also give your fish a little bit more food.


I also have a 15 on my 90. I just got it running so my water isn't clean yet. I hope to see the same results as footbag.


My 75G has a 30G sump/refegium. I wise I used a 20 long so I could get it out sometimes but too late now. I feel like I could have fit it in a 20g. I keep mine very compact. I see them soimetimes in a whole 10G and only 1/10 is full of algea. Looka like as wast of space to me. PLus I know that you can use a small rubbermaid bucket. Flexable to remove and just add lighting. I highly sugest a refegium and I know it's saved my but with being new to the hoddy.


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I have 2 18" HOB fuges that can't hold more than a total of 4 or 5 gallons if I am lucky and my Trates are undetectable. I also have a huge pod population.

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I used to run a 20 gal sump/ fuge under my 75 tank before converting it into a refugium and it was very sucessful. Since I wasn't using another sump, the refugium part was probably barely even 10 gals.


I'm hoping to setup a 55 gallon behind my 90, with remote DSB, macro and some live rock.

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Any size refugium can be a positive addition...especially if it is properly set-up. Even hang ons can be of benefit in some applications. I'd encourage you to develop the 10-15 gal refugium if thats all the space you have available.
...and Thomas...great 55 gal refugium and 30 gal sump are in the room behind my display. If there is ever a problem with either access is real easy...and either can quickly be shut off without disrupting the overall system.