refugium question...don't know where to begin

ok so heres the deal....i just bought a 20g high tank and stand and in the begining i didn't plan on adding anything extra to it but now ive decided i want to put a refugium under the tank in the stand. problem is it's a 20g high stand so there are no decent sized tanks that can fit under im wondering has anyone ever made a vertical refugium thats around 20 gallons?or if not vertical just something big enough to fit in the stand with the door shut. it has to be big enough for a protein skimmer and the return(duh)...but im hoping there would be enough room for the heater, maybe some rocks, and some cheato...even though i know that might be pushing if anyone knows any links or has any pictures or knows anyone who is selling something that would work please.....POST IT.....the tanks been cycling for about 2 weeks now with LR and LS from my 90 reef but i don't want to add fish until it's COMPLETELY set up. thanks


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I can't think of anything that would fit under your stand, but have you thought about building a cabinet next to your stand and use it to house your sump and fuge or build a new stand for your tank that has more room to house your sump.