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I have a 75 gal reef that has been set up for about 15 years. I currently do not have a refugium. Can anyone suggest a good one? Will I also still need to run my wet/dry along with a refugium?
Thank you, Laura


If your a diy kind girl,then you can build your own sump/refugium and do away with your wet dry system.Much cheaper then buying a prebuilt one


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15 YEARS...........why do you want to do somthing to a system that has been good over the years? If it hasn't done you good, you would have changed it a while back.


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Even though my tank has been set up for 15 years, it isn't doing as well as it has in the past. I have been getting a lot of hair algae. I only have one hard coral left in the tank, which is doing great. The leathers and mushrooms are doing very good and have multiplied.
I’m currently running 2 x 175 watt 20K pendants and all water parameters are good. I have wanted to go with a more compact lighting system, so I just ordered a Nova Extreme T5. I also just placed my first order with Salt Water Fish. I was mainly looking for algae clean up critters, but couldn’t resist an orange/blue ricordea. I have never ordered livestock through the mail and I’m a little nervous.
I have some mushrooms I purchased about 10 years ago,which I have never seen since. I started with 4 polyps and they have spread to about 25-30. When I figure out how to attach pictures, I will forward some.