Removing Acrylic Scratches?

i have a 220g acrylic tank, it has surface scratches all over in and out, i was wondering if anyone knew a way to remove or buff out the scratches, i don't have it set up yet but i would like to fix that before i do.


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outside is easy.
go to a plastics specialty shop or online purchase some Novus, apply, BUFF HARD, wipe off.
inside, you would need to drain the tank and then do the same thing. there are some companies that sell some U/W micro polish kits, but i have no idea how well they work.


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Novus #1
Novus #2
Novus #3
If they are really deep you'll need: Wet sand paper 600 and 1000. Buff them out then go to the #3, then #2 and finally the spray n buff #1. With patience and some time in, they come out mirror finished.


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I used Micro Mesh sandpaper which is cheaper to use than the official scratch removal kits out there. They have all the ultra fine grits. I then used the Novus line and a car buffer. We did a 100g and it was ALOT of work. But it's purdy now!
Also a child is a good item to have. Throw them in there with the eletric buffer.


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you can since you use water anyway BUT it will cloud your water pretty bad and im not sure if that would have any effects on the animals themselves,I would doubt it but thats jump my opinion...