Replacement Biocube 14 Canopy Raising Water Temperature


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I recently replaced by Biocube 14 canopy with the new LED Biocube 14/16 canopy. The water temperature has gone up from 77F to 85F.

I've called Coralife and lady I spoke to says the water temperature increase is due to the water pump, or the temperature of the room. I said it doesn't make sense when the only thing I've changed is the canopy. She's adamant it's not the canopy but asked that I verify my room temperature, etc.

Concerned that I purchased a faulty canopy, I purchased another one, but it's the same thing. When I do my water change every week, it brings the temperature down, but then it goes up again. So every night, I put in a frozen bottle of water to cool down the water temperature. Also, putting ice packs on the outside of the glass to keep it around 83F. What are the chances I purchased 2 faulty canopies?

I've never had this temperature increase in 5 years I've owned this Biocube14. I don't get why an LED light canopy raises the water temp by so much. Before I came on this forum, I found out that a couple of people complained on Amazon Comments as well. Anything I can do besides sticking a bottle of ice in there every night?

In the tank I only have a clownfish and anemone. Both seem to be doing ok, but not sure how they will do long term.

I hope someone can advise here. Thanks!


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Yep, I understand LEDs produce heat, but all the LEDs I've used produces a lot less heat than gas-filled bulbs. Just wondering if this is a standard issue or just a bad batch. I'll keep digging for answers. Thank you!


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I don't think there is anything wrong with the lighting. Does the venting on the canopy appear the same as the hood you replaced? Also, have you checked the temps with a different thermometer? There are multiple factors to be considered. How long do you run the lights per day?