Ricordia frag time is near!



I would love some
My one is looking a little lonely all by itself, it needs some friends, and your's look lovely


OH GOODY~ Me too! Me too~
Can you PLeeeeease email me. I am not on site much, but will try to remember to keep looking. Weather stinks here right now too. 17 degrees, not counting wind chill and we have about 4" snow on the ground. This week is going to drop to 5 degrees

sagirkennel @ yahoo. com


BTW I love the colors!!! To bad you live here in Florida or I would ask if you wanted to trade for some mangroves. Talk to you soon Joe


I am leaving for Florida tomorrow...will be in the orlando Tampa and Ft Lud. areas I would love to get some I will be driving from NY and would pick up on my way back home . Pm me with your tele number and I will call you


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I hope the weather changes soon. It is getting crowded. I may have gone overboard.

lol. Just being myself, a jerk.
Here is my favorite yuma and some others. NFS sorry.



i've had one colony and last year January we had a terrible ice store in missouri and we lost almost everything in our tank,, save for 9 corals and our mated pair of maroon clown. Please put us on this Ric Bus as well. rainbow blue green orange pink ROFL i dont care. ok, u've given me ric fever again,
Great Pics, Great Price


OK....gotta ask .... what is your water flow, lighting, and light distance from rics? I have several rics, but colors are not that deep - thanks!!!!!
(PS - cold in the panhandle tonight? We thought we would freeze over in Apalach!)


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These are in a 14gl frag tank that is in sump line with display. This is the 75gl display.

Planning to move to a 150gl very soon.
Lighting varies depending on how I feel. Sometimes PC, MH and/or T5. Temps stay stable but does change sometimes +/-5 degrees. PH swings from 7.8 to 8.5 but I am getting it moreso under control since I did a DIY PVC kalk reactor. Flow in the diplay is sump return from a Quietone 3000 that splits to the frag tank (only flow in there) and the display has two maxijet mods.
Salinity stays about 35, really there is a lot of changes due to simple set-up and sometimes laziness. I always use Reef Crystals and do water changes when the corals start to look tired (anywhere from weekly to 3 weeks). I feed corals and fish daily. I do have a large refugium. Basically I don't do anything different from anyone else, though I do and always have without fail since I started reef-keeping back in 92, daily dosed Kent's Iodine, Moly/stront and liquid calcium.
Let the arguments begin! lol. Sorry to those that don't think dosing is good, but I do and always have and have always had great tanks.


I dose the same things in small amounts in my 29 and since i started doing it the tank has been much healthier looking so at least one person is on your side. Very nice DT BTW.