rimless tanks? (without the top brace?)


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so i was thinking of maybe having a glass cutter making me a tank..
i have a old 20 L i would use but the black braces on the top and bottom ar huge and take up a big portion of the tank..
so is it possible to have a tank made tht dosent have the top brace? or maybe the bottom brace?
it ust makes the tank look so much clearer.
i was thikning like a 20 L


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you could euro brace it, its like a think piece of acrylic or glass running along the perimeter of the top of the tank


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Originally Posted by Dawman
The braces are there to keep the glass from bowing .
i no but i wasnt sure if it needed it to for a 20L
maybe ill have to go and buy a newer 20L at the lfs.


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they sell alot of rimless tanks out there,, as said they are expensive. also if you tryt o build one yourself you have to get the physics perfect as in perfect cut sizes, thickness placement etc. I build tanks, sumps etc. etc. and one thing i wont try to mess with is a rimless tank, ALOT of math has to go into it..