RIP Grampa


my grampa died this morning. he's had alzheimers (?) for 7+ years and these past years have been terrible to watch him go through, not knowing who he is, who we are, nothing. this is sort of a "bittersweet" time as they say of alzheimers' patients, you lose them twice. but now he is free of the nursing home scene and sitting in the clouds.
please pray, or whatever u do, for my gramma, this is so hard for her.


I'm sorry for your loss. I've been does bring peace knowing they are no longer suffering.
I wish the best for your grams.


Hey Mark. Im sorry too. I know its hard, I lost my gramma a year ago, and its been a rough year
..just try stay strong for gramma. She needs ya!
Is this your moms dad or your dads dad?


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I lost mine in April.....

Watch your grandma like a hawk and spend as much time with her.
Bittersweet indeed!! :nope:


thanks guys! its my dad's dad. the viewing is sunday, then funeral on monday. i wish i could spend more time w/ my gramma but she lives 1.5 hours away.
i remember u losing yours love, is your gramma still around? i talked to my gramma on the phone and she's a little upset but she knew it was gonna happen, she would visit him every day in the nursing home, and he never knew who she was or if she was even there. i feel so bad for her.
im gonna stay w/ her sunday-monday. now i only have 2 grammas left

yes, i felt it Smommy :)


i lost my dad in june. i know what you are going through. it will get easier with time, even if it don't feel like it now.
sorry for your loss.


I'm sorry
Maybe you can set up a saltwater tank for her? A pair of clown fish with a anemone?sound good? Buy a 20gal tank.


:happyfish Reefymark, you and your family are in my prayers tonight. I am sooo sorry for your loss. I lost my grandpa when I was younger, and he died of alzheimers too. It was a long battle also. It was soooo hard to go visit him, when he didn't know who you were. He got violent towards the end too, and he wasn't a violent man in life, so we would had to be careful around him. My grandma had a hard time puttin him in the home, and went so far as having to change his diaper and him not knowing who she was, but she finally decided, when he thought she was an intruder, and litterally chased her around the house thinkin she was an intruder. My family went through a lot of loss because a few months after my grandpa died, my grandma was diagnosed with cancer, and a year later died during a final round with radiation. I feel for you and your family, and your in my prayers. -ali


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ReefyMark - I hope your family made it through the memorial OK today. Now the real work starts because there in nothing left to do to take care of him with the funeral over. I hope that you, your family and friends will be able to stay in close touch with your grandmother until she is able to to start to pick up some pieces of her life. Expect her to have some "strange" rituals as mentioned by some above. It's normal and part of their grieving process. We're praying for your family.


Thank you all so much. It means alot to know I can tell you guys anything. It was really sad today, but she enjoyed the reception, eating with all her friends and family around her.
It's so weird, becasue its so different, but yet its the same. Since he's been in the nursing home for so many years. We aren't used to him being at her house, and Gramma is used to being alone. I called her tonight and told her she can call me anytime she needs to talk or whatever, I'll be calling her every now and then.
Thanks again guys!