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I have a 75g tank, and just purchased a 6 stage RO/DI unit and was wondering what would be the best setup for it. I can get a trash can and run it off the line for my washing machine to keep it out of the way. But what about the temp. and all that stuff? What all do I need to get it going? I read on here that you need a good water can and a waste water can? What would be the best way to hook it up and run it? Everybody throw their 2 cents in and give me some good ideas.


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There has been a lot of discussions about this, including pics.
I'll move your thread over to the Equiptment Forum, but do a search on RO/DI and you should come up with a good deal of info.


I have an idea. I included the diagram below and will use the freshwater to top off the tank, and the other can will stay empty until I get ready to do a water change and I will send the water down to the second can to mix the salt.
Does this look like it will work? What can I do to make it better or what am I leaving out? And what kind of pump would it need to send it about 30ft. and where can I find one?


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I have mine hooked up in the laundry room. It is being feed by the cold water supply to the washing machine and the waste water is draining into the washing machine's drain line. I'm filling up 5g buckets right now... I do plan to hook something up like a trashcan so I don't have to fill 5gs at a time... I was also planning to set something up for the waste water to try and use it but haven't yet...
The temp of the water will effect the production of the unit but not the water quality produced... I don't much worry about it.


just thought I'd share...I must have the worst RO/DI setup going. The only pipe that will connect to the RODI is the shower (I have a condo). about every 3 days I have to take off the shower head and connect it up and run the shower to produce my RODI into a 5 gallon bucket. I've gotten pretty used to it.
good thing I live alone. all the equipment around could get annoying to someone else...(the girlfriend doesn't say anything - good thing for that too)


hey todd, they make little nifty doodads that might help you out. i forget the technical term for the valve, but basically it clamps on another pipe and screws into it, allowing you to pull water off without needing to actually cut the pipe and insert a t or other fitting.
they make them for the flexible tubing that is used under sinks or for toilet feeds, and also for rigid metal pipes, if that is the setup you have going.
ok i went and looked and they are called saddle valves... here is a pic (if the darn thing will load... gah i hate dialup... oh here it is)
if you go to google images and type in saddle valve, you will get a ton of hits for all kinds of configurations.
just thought i would give ya a heads up as i used to have to do the EXACT same thing, and i am not single!


Was wondering how to confiqure the wastewater, but since I also plan on hooking mine up in the laundry room the washing machine drain line will be right below where I will put the setup. So problem solved. I feel stupid that I didn't think of that already. Thanks for the knock upside the head.


on further study, i have found there are also valves similar to the saddle valve for water to go the other way, so you can mount your ro unit under the sink, and drain it right back into the same line, so you do not need a line headed to an actual drain. then you just have the clean water line lead to a trash can with a float vlave, or to your sump with a float valve and you are good to go!