RO Units


Can anyone give me an insight as to what kind should I buy ? I have a 30 gal tank with
40 lb live rock,three inch thick substrate and an inch of live sand on top.
A seaclone skimmer, a 8 watt UV sterilizer, fluidized bed filter and mechanical filter with bio wheel (all hang behind the tank. I have a small yellow tang, a small blue tail damsel, a cleaner wrasse, three hermit crabs and a cleaner shrimp.
I use R/O water for water changes every week.
And I also have four corals in the tank which have become more shy lately and I am assuming because of nitrates
My Nitrates have kind of gone up to 10 and don't come down even after a water change. I do a 20% water change max every week. I know that a R/O unit will help but
1. What capacity should I go for ?
2. Are these wall mountable ?
3. Do I really need one ?
I was looking at a Kent Marin Maxima 50 gal /per day unit. Does anyone have this unit installed ?


I have a Kent Marine 60 GPD Maxxima Ro/DI (4 Stage).
It is wall mountable.
It has improved my water quality and I have noticed that the fish are much more active.
The best price I have found is through Champion Lighting (they will drop ship).
This unit will produce much more water than you will need, but it works great.
You may want to look up some denitrifying resins or filter to lower your nitrates. I have use Poly Filters and they work well.


Thanks for your reply
Do you run your unit constantly ? How big is your tank ? and when do you need replacement on the cartrideges ?