RowaPhos and Algae

duke jjz

I have had an issue with Green Algae (looks like bryopsis) over the last few months. This past weekend, I took all the live rock out, pulled off the algae in another bucket and brushed the rock with a soft toothbrush. So now the rock looks nice and clean. I also just started running a phosphate reactor with RowaPhos. I have a 75 gallon tank and put about 125ml of RowaPhos in the reactor. So here are my 2 questions...
1. How long do I leave in the RowaPhos in the reactor before changing it? A month? 2 Months?
2. Should I expect the algae to grow back now that I am running the reactor? i.e. - how long does it take to remove all the phosphate from the water.
and in case you ask, I have always used RO/DI water (and still do) for everything.
Thanks all!!


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RowaPhos works excellently. The bag usually lasts about a month (unless your phosphates/algae is VERY bad).
The algae may grow back a little bit, but with the phosphates being reduced and removed, the problem should slowly start to go away.