Royal Gramma?


Just want some info on this fish, i've heard real good things about them. Anyone that has had one care to give any tips or info on it? I ordered one from this site last week and he should come on Tuesday. I have live rock with some nice holes/caves in them where he can hide. Does this fish hide most of the time? do they ever come out and swim around? What should I feed him first? maybe some brine? mysis? thanks for any info!


Great fish. Beautiful colors. Likes to stay close to the rockwork to dash in quickly if scared. But, my gramma gradually spent a lot of time out in the open swimming. I think it has a lot to do with the other fish in the tank. If they are in there with semi-aggressive fish he will tend to hide more. He ate everything.


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Not very shy fish after awhile they will come out and swim around the tank, feed it mysis, bloodworms, brine (enriched) , and anyother meaty food also they are jumpers so make sure you have a lid on your tank


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Excellent fish. Definitely a swimmer once it gets to know you and its new home. Frozen mysis and brine would make for a good first food, but then I would switch to other meaty foods as well such as krill and bloodworms.
Good luck with your fish!


i will agree with the previous guys mine is very active and fun to watch.will eat krill,mysis and of course brine.when he becomes comfortable with your household he will come out alot more...good luck


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when i first got my royal gramma i acclimated for 3 hours. got him into the tank and he started hiding. the next morning he came out but then someone walks by he quickly swims away. and then the next morning he never did it. came out swimming around. i walked by still swimming around. mine eats anything i feed. i have fed frozen brine shrimp, frozen mysis, marine flakes, blood worms. good luck with your gramma