safe container?


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I'll be moving my tanks shortly to my new house and was wondering if a rubbermaid 20g tote from walmart would be safe to store some water and mostly my LR in well its being transported? Ive got mainly 5g buckets with lids but i need something i can move a decent amount of water and rock in!


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You need "food grade" totes to avoid any additives such as plasticizers leaching into the water. I *think* I've read that the Rubbermaid Brute totes fit that bill. I believe some folks have used them for sumps.
-hope so, I advised the Wife's cousin to use those for his tank move last week...


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well the longest i think the rock and water would be in the container would be a couple hrs....its only like a 20min drive! Hmmmm..... ive also heard of people using the brute trash cans but i need something not so big and bulky!