Sail Fin In A 90?


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Sure, but not for long.
You will have to get a bigger tank or get rid of it in about a year or two so why bother.


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Originally posted by 90reefkepr
how big would i need to get?
and what would happen if i left him in the 90?

A tank in the 180 gallon range would not be to large. Sailfins grow very large and need horizontal swimming room. A 6 foot tank is minimal.
Keeping it in the 90; it will continue to grow, although become cramped due to limited swimming area. The confinement stress will contribute to compromised immune system, making it susceptible to illness and possibly death. It's just too big a fish for your sized tank. There are better choices that you could keep for the long haul.


I too am in the same situation as you. I have a 90 and actually did purchase a Sailfin, but not without a plan for when he gets too large. My LFS is going to start taking oversized fish and selling them out of a 1200 gallon tank. I believe that I will be able to keep him for quite a while. I bought him rather small and have set up my 90 to accomodate as big of a fish as possible. My tank is a FOWLR and is set up to provide maximum swimming room.
Some may think this is a stupid way to own fish (buy them and have to sell them later), but I think it is worth it. As long as you have a plan for him later, I say go for it.
Personally, I like the idea of changing the fish in my tank.