Sail fin Tang


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I recently added the Saikfin Tang and thinking that there is enough difference, there should not be a conflict with the Yellow Tang I already have. I was wrong. They are about the same size, but the Yellow is more aggressive and with the tail barb, gets the best of the Sailfin. I have separated them by containing the Saikfin at one end using a plexiglass partition. Maybe with separation they might get use to each other after a week or so. Also, I known that if there are three or more Yellows together, they will not fight. If I add a second Yellow, will that be a solution or just make it worse? Thanks for any thoughts.


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My sail fin and yellow don't fight. However my yellow was dominant at the beginning. If your yellow is actually doing damage then its best to rehome the sail. Adding another yellow won't help. It needs to be done at the same time. All 3 together


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Thanks for the replies!
I have solved my problem and will share in case others might have problems with aggressiveness.
I had a piece of clear plexiglass cut that would slide into any part of the tank blocking off a section at one end. The piece was long enough to press down into the sand from front to back but left an inch or so at the top for good circulation. I kept the Sailfin along with several Damsels at one end for several days. This way the Yellow would come up and still show some aggression with the tail against the barrier. After several days, the Yellow found out that it could not effect the Sailfin. I removed the barrier on third day and even though the Yellow has the dominance, it has accepted the Sailfin and they bother swim together all over the tank.
Hope this exercise might help others with some adjustments when adding a new pet.