sailfin tang help


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question could someone tell me if ok to feed romane letuce everyday to my sailfin tang thanks.
No, it isn't. They have a hard time digesting it.


I have a sailfin tang & it loves romaine lettuce. But i do not give it a constant supply. I feed it 1 leaf once a week. You should mix the diet up for the sailfin.


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No, it isn't. They have a hard time digesting it.
I agree with Quizzy, dried seaweed is cheaper and better for them....I was surprised when I was at Seaworld they had a "head" of romaine in their huge tank, all the tangs and angels were munching on it.


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thanks for the info i also feed him dried seaweed and frozen worms shrimp so only once a week with the romane lettuce.


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sailfins are pretty easy - they actually like just about anything and lettuce is fine, they can digest it just fine.
Do not however feed them the outside leafs as they may have pesticides and/or chemicals that you do not want to feed your animals.
do you soak any of your food in garlic? if not I suggest you do that once a week or twice a month. Garlic helps repel parasites and it's absolutely safe, smells though.