sailfin with ?ick?


I'm not sure what's up with him, so I'll describe his symptoms.
This sailfin has been with me for nearly two years. He's basically full-grown, and I adopted him from previous owners who let him get really badly beaten up in a tank with triggers -- no top fin whatsoever is left. He had recurrent HLLE, and is scarred from that. His head is totally pitted and has been for two years. And that's not the problem.
Lately, he's had a cloudiness to his eyes that comes and goes. His colors change all the time (his colors have always changed somewhat, but he's "off" color more often now -- looks darker than usual). He's swimming erratically. Today his skin looks just plain wrong. It's all uneven -- like the sandpaper effect, maybe? He is still eating, though not as voraciously as usual.
Four weeks ago I added cured LR to the tank. Two weeks ago, I added two rocks of mushroom coral and a royal gramma. A few days ago, I added three huge feather dusters, a cleaner shrimp and some peppermints.
All the other stock are doing great. The worst part is I just took apart my QT tank and am going to be setting up my new 58, but don't have the filters for it yet, so can't use it as a QT.
Help, please!


I have never positively IDed ick. Please help me id this so I know how to treat my fish. Someone said you can see ick -- see the parasites? I don't see anything like a parasite on the fish. What could be wrong?


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I have the same problem with my cowfish, same exact symptoms, i to dont know what ick looks like, i would appreciate some guidence with this problem to, sorry daisy if u thought this was an answer to your quesstion, but this will at least get our problem to the top of the list where someone can help us.
i had my own post with this problem and someone suggested soaking his food in garlic to boost his immune system. will see if that works, has anyone else heard of that?