salinity high in hypo

Okay, here is the thing...I have some fish in QT and hypo. They never presented with any symptoms, they are new and I am wanting to ensure their health. Yesterday I tested the water and it was at 1.010 instead of 1.009. Should I start the time frame over or will it be okay? The salinity must have risen for a few hours, I had tested the night before so it had been about 14 since it was okay. They have been in hypo for 1 1/2 weeks at this point. What do you think?


Originally Posted by confusedfishy
oh it's definately back to 1.009. Just wasn't sure if I should start the 3 week count over again.
If they have never shown any ich spots and you still do not see any then you do not have to start over. If you are worried then you can keep them at 1.009 for an extra week if you want to.