Sally Lightfoot Crab


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I picked up a Sally LF crab to help clean bottom of tank . When I saw her in the store it was moving all around the bottom of the tank I bring it home it sits on top of a rock for a day then walk to the back of the rock then it moved to the sand in front of the Tank and sat there ever since . I suppose it's doing that molting thing . Aquariam store girl told me it could take two weeks to see it again and the shell this morning seems to be broken up I see a few of the shelllegs on the bottom. She said they mostly like to hide I guess they do the cleanup job at night Anybody have one of these ?
Also I'm feeding some seaweed every day those breakaway sheet things .
Aquariam place told me just wrap it around a rock with a rubber band which has been working but I haven't been able to go buy one of those clips I've seen yet Any other good way to feed the seaweed sheets? I'd rather not stick my hand in there every day