Salt on lower exterior


A couple of days ago I had to extricate a Coral Banded Shrimp from my tank in order to keep it from killing my Fire Shrimp. I had to move some of my LR out and around in order to get to it.
I put the LR back generally where it was, but I noticed that one of my heavier pieces is now closer to the lower left front corner than it was before (by a few inches at most).
I've now noticed that I have a little bit of salt buildup in that same corner, but on the *exterior* of the glass. I'm afraid I've got a leak.
I'm thinking that I should go back in and move the rocks away from the corner in order to reduce the pressure that is present there in the hopes that this leak will be stopped.
Does anyone think this will work? Am I doomed and need to replace my glass tank asap?
Details: Glass 55 gal, FOWLR. Been setup for about 14 months and going strong.


Are you sure it wasn't just a drip that ran down on that corner? I had a piece of rock hit the front of my glass when I was moving it and had the salt buildup on the exterior base right where it hit the glass. Luckily it was just a drop or 2 that ran down the outside of the glass.


I'd agree with Steve. Wipe the salt off of the exterior and see if it comes back over night. If it doues get the buckets ready. If not, don't be so messy next time! Just kidding. I had the same problem and it ended up being the salt from the water that ran down my arm and collected at the bottom of the tank.:D


I did wipe it off last night with a dry towel (and the whole tank) and this morning there's more. This is definitely not a drip from my interventions.
Is there any merit to moving the rock around to reduce the pressure on the bottom panel in this corner?


You may have a small crack in the bottom glass.
However, get a light and check the back of the tank.
I had the same problem 1 year ago and I tracked it down to a crack in my outside filter. A few drops at a time would leak and I would get salt build up at the front of my tank ( I guess due to tank being at a imprecievable slight angle). At times I actually had water on my counter top -- which was a combined flow from the crack and overflow from a clogged up filter.
So,... before you break down a long standing tank, rule everything else out first.
Hope my two-cents helps a bit.


False alarm. The last 24 hours shows no leak.
Here's what I think happened (you were right):
I dripped water out the other day and it collected in the tank frame bottom. I thought I had wiped it all off, but of course you can get to the space between the frame and the glass. As it collected into this corner (imperceptible tilt of the floor, stand and tank) and then dried, the salt crept out. When I wiped it off the first time, there was liquid in the space. Finally there's no liquid left now and all is dry. No more salt either.
Thanks for your suggestions. I resisted the urge to rush out and buy a new tank. Saved me $90 + considerable labor.
Much appreciated.