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Salt is salt...some people swear by specific brands..some people dont. Everyone has their own preference...some preference is made based on over inflated "tests", but most just because of their expeirence with it...
I have used many brands and have never been able to tell the it is whatever I decide to order when I need it.


I have also used many brands, but I Have been able to tell the difference. Through testing many of us have been able to find inconsistnacies in salt mixes, and it kind of makes some of us a bit angry that they can't give us a consistant product.
Without the proper magnesium your alkalinity and calcium may fall out of solution, which means you have to buy mag to dose with to keep it up, this also means a new test kit. If your alkaliniy is low in a salt brand then you have to get a buffer to keep that up and a test kit. Same goes with calcium. If your salt mix can not keep these three at least near what they should be then you can have trouble growing coralline algea, it may affect your corals ability to grow.
If you have a great brand of salt the first time doesn't mean it will be the same the second time you use it.
I personally have used a killer bucket of Instant Ocean, one of the leading favorite salts for many.
Point is when using a new bucket or bag of salt, no matter who makes it, test it. If it mixes cloudy and stays cloudy even to the point of foaming on the sides of the container then don't use it.
And of course buyer beware is in affect.
Right now I'm using Oceanic and it is working for me.


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I personally have used a killer bucket of Instant Ocean, one of the leading favorite salts for many.
Many ppl use this salt becuase it is readily available at all pet stores and pet warehouses including pet smart and pet co. For the same size tub you can get it cheaper "here is is 160 gallons worth of salt for $40" If I wanted to drive about 2 and half hourse I could of got it for $30.
Right now I am using it and dont plan to change just because diffrent salts have diffrent makes and wont be the same and can cause problems for that reason. Right now all my levels are exact on and I dont add extra chems to boost it.