sand sifter fish advice


I have a sand-sifter that someone gave me for free because it kept spitting sand all over his corals. He said he kept having to blow them off with a turkey baster and he just got tired of it. WELL. I am assuming this guy had all sand substrate, because the little fish is perfectly fine in my tank with about 50% sand and 50% crushed coral substrate, with the crushed coral spread out on top. The crushed coral is much prettier and more interesting to look at than plain sand. There are tiny shells mixed in, and it looks great. The sand sifter guy can pick up the pebbles, carry them, and spit them back out. They just fall right down to the ground again, no mess. He has made several burrows in the tank, one for each fish! I think he did it on purpose! Or else he is the bottom of the food chain and the other fish kept stealing his burrow.
Well, he is very cute and fun to watch, and he has a great personality. I do not see any problem keeping corals in the future.