Sand sifters


I was told by my lfs that a pair of Sleeper Golden Head golbies would do the job of stiring up the sand. Is this a good choise? The other tank mates in a 125 fo will be a 2in. Humu Huma trigger,4in striped puffer, 5 in Naso tang 3in Flame Hawk, and 18in Zebra Eel. I know a strange group but they all get along well together, I got the trigger small so hopefully there won't be trouble later on. Thanks for the info in advance.


It is fascinating to watch how gobies sift the sand. the sand is scooped thru the mouth and exits thru the operculae (yes, they are good sand sifters). Sometimes they also graze on algae. I am worried with the eel. I am not sure if it is safe to the goby to be with the eel. I checked the compatibility guide and I saw goby and eel are not compatible. The others you mentioned looks fine (maybe others can pitch in if what I read is incorrect).
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cactus jack

zebra eels are pretty peaceful. those gobies are amazing sand stirrers and do it constantly. they like to jump out of the tank. they are also tough to keep alive for long periods of time in most cases


LionFish says......
No matter how peaceful the eel is considered to be, it is still an eel, which means that it is a carnivore that eats small fish which get in its way. I wouldn't try it because the eel and trigger will evetually get them. It would kinda be a waste of time and money to get them. I have suggesting to people who have large tank to try the Harlequin Tusk. It gets large and can handle an aggressive tank so it is ideal to have one to stir the sand. You sound like you got an already crowded tank though so you may have to stir the sand yourself. Also, those gobies prefer a mature tank with copepods in them. It is recommended to have a tank which has been up for at least 6 or 7 months before getting one, let alone 2 of them. Might wanna reconsider these little guys for now.