Sand-sifting star question

My sand-sifting star has been almost solely on the glass for the past few days. Should I be concerned? Is he maybe searching for food he can't find in the sand? Suggestions?

nm reef

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I have seen them active on the glass for extended periods of time. I did have one in my fish only system and it would sometimes be on the glass for days at a time. So that is probably not a problem....but you are aware that they tend to deplete DSB's of the stuff we want to have in our DSB's don't you. It is my understanding that a sand sifting star can do major damage to the micro fauna of a DSB.... <img src="graemlins//eek.gif" border="0" alt="[eek]" />

bang guy

The only reason it would be on the glass or rocks is if it has completely depleted all of the sand critters.


I would suggest placing on the sand. I've kept sand sifters in systems and have never seen one on glass. Though when I place them in the sand they burry and stay on the sand. I can't imagine that there is enough nurishment on the glass compared to the sand. Or maybe he's trying to be a fish, my dog thinks he's a human...
My dogs know they are human too. That guess would be he is looking for food. Your snad bed must be depleted. Maybe you should add more LS or atleast the critters part.
Do you have a refugium yet? This could be a constant source of LS for you. Just something to consider as a responsible parent. HTH


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It probably is looking for food. I had one for almost a year that never went on the glass and the last week or two it was on the glass alot and now it is dead. I don't think that I am going to replace it. As far as it depleting the sand bed I am not sure. I still have tons of pods and plenty of worms. Who knows????


I have a red sea star that climbed all over the LR the first day i put him in the tank, now he stays on the glass at the top of the tank and doesn't venture far from where the powerhead is pointing. Unless he moves at night he's been on the glass for going on two months. HTH.


i have a sand-sifting star and yes, sometimes he gets nutz and climbs the tank wall. He gets to the top (water line) and falls off. He falls on his back and then manuvers himself right-side up again. So I know he's healthy. The reason why they crawl up the wall? Maybe he was going for a walk and got lost.
I also had a blue star, he would do the same thing Memnoch's is doing. Later he turned up dead. Causes of death, unknown.
Good luck, and keep Reefing!