Sandbed Maturation?


I went and added a 4" sandbed today. I used the NO Bio-Active Aragonite. I was wondering if I should add any sand sifters, or let the bed go as it is for a while? Also I have a couple of 1/2" bristle worms that must have been smuggled in on the live rock. Will they migrate to the sand bed, or will they stay in the rock? Thanks.

mr . salty

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Skip the sifters for a month or so to let the sand build up it's little creatures. Yes the worms will go into the sand. How much live rock do you have??And how big is the tank?? You could also look online for a DETRIVORE kit.This kit will contain the GOOD BUGS that make a live sand bed really benafitial.


There are a few online stores that I cannot mention here. Get any Aquarium Fish Magazine and they will be listed there. I highly recommend at least two different detrivore kits-diversity is the key! HTH--Bob


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Bobber--I see youre in Illinois like I. I would like some advise on local stores that specialize in marine aquaria. Also, can you please e-mail me with the info youre speaking of aboove???